katie gives...quick review new york 1.

jen kao

loved the sparkle and leather, but a lot of the first few slides of cable-knit, body con dresses and some other pieces were just too unwearable for anyone but a 5'10 size 2 girl.


not a particularly stunning collection, but it's exactly what i would expect from gwen stefani, which is a wearable mix between a glitzy, high gloss woman and a no doubt fan. i absolutely love the sequence of three belts used though; it gave quite the military edge.

toni maticevski

slightly amateur and overly-showy at times it seemed like a lot of looks were made by throwing every fabric on hand into one look. a few evening gowns were stand-out winners though.


while most of the shapes and ideas seemed rather unoriginal, bensoni hit a high note with a few great ruffled dresses and the final sequined look (last photo).

christian siriano

kind of what would be expected of a project runway designer, but kudos to mr. siriano for actually showing at fashion week and making it onto style.com. he did way too much cliched glamour for daytime, but the red carpet looks are clearly where siriano excels. the ruffled sandals worn by some of the models were stunning as well (sorry for the crappy picture).

cynthia rowley

cynthia did some really wonderful things with fringe and color-blocking, two things i'm not mad-crazy about right now, and also found some intense patterns to work with. my only problem with the collection is the puffy additions to shoes, gloves, clothing, and especially the handbags; the handles looks like a small sleeping bag or a stuffed, dead snake...

jenni kayne

while i really enjoy a fluttery skirt and buttery-soft-looking leather, other than these two aspects, the collection wasn't that all exciting.

jeremy laing

there was some noteworthy knitwear and a few surprisingly beautiful patterns containing really contrasting colors. however, a few looks contained little pieces of reflective metal that reminded me of solar panels, which didn't seem to really mesh with the overarching theme of the canadian wilderness.

quick review: y or n?


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