katie gives...charlotte ronson, B.

and a strong B, i might add.

with a middle-eastern, 70's flair, charlotte ronson's models marched down the runway looking as trendy as ever. i particularly enjoyed this collection, because, unlike the many other designers who are constantly looking for influence from japan, the city girl, or nautical styles of the past, c. ronson took on the middle-east with turbans and harem pants galore. given that i think harem pants are a dying out as quickly as they popped up, seeing them in their more natural element (aka, with sunset hues and a little arabian zest) gave them a little spark of hope. the collection could definitely be considered wearable to a party girl on the scene; a few great pops of vibrant color, flowing, pleated material, some brilliant prints, and an ethnic panache...what more could a 20-something partier want?


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