katie dislikes...pajama jeans.

i just want to start off this post by saying that i am disgusted with myself for even getting the pajama jean name out there and that i'm exponentially more disgusted with america for the fact that we clearly have a potential market for such a product. that said, i give you pajama jeans...


while there is a video that accompanies the product available online (you can watch it here), but i unfortunately could not get the video to post onto our blog. no worries though, i've written a brief summary of what you'll learn from the infomercial on these...pants:

"jeans look good, but let's face it, you are too big and/or immobile for real denim.  sweats are comfy, but your boss at chuckie-cheese told you last week that if you wear them one more time you're fired.  meet PAJAMA JEANS!!!  they're the amazingly comfortable jeans that let you get away with wearing your sad pajamas to every event in your life!  their comfort comes from the special dormisoft formula, which is made of .5% cotton, .5% spandex, and 99% sloth.  they're so comfortable, you'll be able to sleep in them, making your dreams of never having to change clothes a reality.  in pajama jeans, you can put your best self out there; you know, the version of you wearing pajamas in bed with knots in your hair and drool dripping onto the pillow.  they even have pockets and brass, making them look like a european brand that you'd find in a european walmart.  hurry now, because if you order your pajama jeans quickly, you'll get a free GREY T-SHIRT, making it uber-possible to wear the same outfit every day for the rest of your lazy life!"

snuggies were one big american fail and then jeggings (a term for jean-like leggings which i hate) were another slightly tolerable denim atrocity, but these pajeans (i like that homemade term better) kind of kill me a little.

you think that putting a few staples in my hands will make me feel a little less painful about the whole situation??


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chelsea rebecca said...

oh my gosh. is this for real??!!
this is RIDICULOUS!!
i hate jeggings. and i now extremely dislike these. jeans are jeans. not sweat pants.
like what?!!
i'm disappointed in america!

Anonymous said...

that video was real sad. I'm just holding out on the denim socks to make their fashion appearance, but I'm not really in tune with fashion so they might already exist.

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