jax dislikes...the vogue italia february 2010 cover


i usually like steven meisel's work, and admittedly this cover isn't actually bad or anything, but doesn't something seem off with agyness deyn (right)?  like, she doesn't really match jamie bochert and daphene guinness (left, center).  the left two thirds of the cover seems a little more intense, with the girls rocking smokey eyes, wild hairstyles, and some pretty vicious stares.  then there's agyness, who looks a little more placid with her mushroom cut, mod-ish plain lower liner, and the lightest lips.  also, ms. deyn's is the only torso not completely in the shot, almost like she's leaning out, while daphne is straight on, and jamie is leaning into it.  i don't know, i'm done analyzing it; i feel like this cover had potential to be awesome, but something about the far right portion is just coming off as awkward to me.  maybe i'm just crazy.  sorry for rambling.

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