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okay, so this one's pretty much a given.  while some may scoff at the selection at stores like forever21 and h&m, i make trips to them whenever necessary.  granted, you may argue that when retailers offer low prices, the quality of clothing always suffers.  which is a point that i agree with, but really, as i am a middle class college student without a job, i am in no place to be picky.  but during my most recent trip to bowling green's forever21, i was pleasantly surprised upon finding a new topper, somewhat similar to a stella mccartney design that i had been coveting.

the one on the left, specifically.  it is, of course, from mccartney's special collaboration that she did with gap.  finally, i thought, stella mccartney i can afford (that isn't sportswear)!  but oh wait, she didn't do a line with regular gap of course, her gap designs are exclusive to gap kids.  there's no chance in hell that i could ever squeeze myself into even the xl size; i doubt any adult sized person could.

huffington post via the cut

except carla bruni-sarkozy, bitch.

anyways, ever since i saw the children's design, i've had military blazers in the back of my mind.  and now i have my own.  i found this cute little version for $34.

honestly, it looks a lot better on.  something about the cut of the neckline and waist are incredibly slimming, and give the optical illusion of my shoulders being much narrower than they are in reality.  the best part is the satin-y blend lining that is shockingly super comforable.  i wasn't sure how i felt about the gold detailing, but it's really growing on me; i've found i can pair it with most any outfit and feel instantly  more put-together.  we'll see how long the jacket actually holds up, but as long as it makes it through to the summer, i'll have felt i got my money's worth.  luckily, it came with two extra buttons, and since i just recently learned how to sew (kind of), i shouldn't have a problem!

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