jax dislikes...repetition

photo courtesy of oscar de la renta via the cut

for an industry that's all about pushing limits, with each brand trying to set itself apart from the others, isn't it weird how overused karlie kloss is lately?  i'll be the first to admit that she's absolutely stunning, but seriously.  aside from appearing in vogue more than any other model in 2009, she was arguably the top model of the spring rtw 2010 shows as well as spring 2010 couture.  and i'd venture to guess that she'll be the top girl come fashion week in less than a fortnight.  now on top of being the face of hermes and dior, she's landed the de la renta campaign.  there are a billion six foot tall size 00 girls eagerly waiting to be booked for a single runway show; i feel like in this day and age it would make more of a splash/statement to use an unknown (especially considering how average and blah these ads are).  besides, isn't there such a thing as overexposure?

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