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acne fall 2010 rtw: i'm gonna call this collection paranormal bulkly neutrals, with fur accents and lots of layering.  i can definitely see urban hipsters falling all over these super-wearable looks.  nothing incredibly spectacular, but i certainly can't complain.  these tshirts are my favorite pieces, although i'm biased considering i live ninety percent of my life in oversized, extra worn-in tees.

extra notes: open toed shoes for a fall collection, why?  also we see the continuance of the no-eyebrow trend, middle parts (for hair), and drop crotch pants.  and i think that the platform fur boots are exceptionally ugly.  to clarify, the "fur" pieces i refer to are actually brushed sheep shearling.

in conclusion, look at this incredibly well executed leather jacket, the second to last look, which is probably what swayed me to give jonny johansson's collection a slightly above average b grade.

editor's note:  as you may have noticed, as katie and i attempt to keep up with all the shows during fashion week (probably an impossible task in which to succeed), we will be awarding collections letter grades.  in order to remain as unbiased as possible, we will not read reviews of each show until after we have given our own synopsis.  all images used in the following weeks are from style.com unless otherwise stated.

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