katie likes...fashion gone rogue.

quick midnight post about my new favorite (and probably jax's as well) fashion blog:

fashion gone rogue.

it's this wonderful website that (as you can probably tell from the handy little screenshot above) showcases really great editorials and such from magazines all around the world. the quality of the shots online are incredible and the editorials featured are always the entire spread rather than a few featured pages.

for those of us who aren't quite well off enough to throw out 20 bucks a month to every country in the world with a vogue but need an ever-flowing source of fashion influence/inspiration, this is the perfect website. you'll probably notice a lot of pictures "borrowed" from FGR in the future, purely because this is the absolute best source of editorial shots i've ever found.

check out fashion gone rogue for yourself and let us know what you think about it!


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