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drew barrymore at bonnaroo '09

i keep getting more and more excited for bonnaroo even though it's still a half a year away!  my list of music festival needs thus far includes:

antique turquoise jewelry, anthropologie scarf, free people bra top, american apparel tie dye set, acid wash shorts, original ray ban aviators, anthropologie headband, peacock earrings found on etsy, and chacos.

last year it was sweltering hot, so once again i plan on keeping clothes to a minimum.  chacos are a muddy outdoor festival must-have; they make getting around so much easier and reduce the risk of losing your shoes.  my friend katherine and i are once again planning to tie dye our own multi-purpose clothes.  we basically get a piece of fabric that's the right size to be used as a tube top, skirt, dress, and scarf, all in one.  and the aviators are an obvious hippie necessity.

i pre-ordered my ticket as soon as they went on sale in november. i got the funniest christmas card from the people at bonnaroo for ordering early; i wish i had a scanner so i could put it on here.  one of the best parts about bonnaroo last year was seeing all the crazy people and what they wore.  it was an amazing experience and gave me a lot of inspiration for my own current style.  all the people there (and there were A LOT) seemed so original, funky, and eclectic, without seeming to try.

mary kate and ashley olsen, and joy bryant, each at bonnaroo

my dad is trying to get a client of his to upgrade my ticket to vip (actually paying for it would cost more than $1000 extra).  the best thing about that would be that people with vip tickets get access to actual bathrooms and showers that don't just use recycled water.  and i guess backstage access at some of the stages would be cool.

i'm still working on paying my parents back for my ticket (being jobless sucks), then hopefully i will start on obtaining my above necessities!  wish me luck.  hopefully six months will be enough.


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chelsea rebecca said...

THANKS GIRL! i love les deux! haha. how do i follow you.. i am still getting used to this blog thing.. haha!!

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