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With Valentine's Day less than two weeks away, a lot of fashion websites have posted features about what to get your significant other for the Hallmark holiday.  A lot of them feature items with hearts, unnecessary frills, etc. (How old are we, anyway?)  Thus, I've compiled wish list for that special day, with an acceptable gift option for each cliched category that I can think of.  They are as follows: fragrance, lingerie, wine & spirits, jewelry, candy, and flowers.  Because even if we don't get many male readers, at least they're good ideas for things to buy yourself after your boyfriend gets you a king sized Reese's thinking that it's an appropriate V-Day present.

Tokyo Milk Rose with Bees Bubble Bath no. 12

Okay, I'll be frank: I've never actually smelled Tokyo Milk's bubble bath.  But with bottles like this, who really cares what it smells like?  If I ever received a batch, I would more than likely never open it, but rather, I would leave it to sit on my vanity for decoration.  And that way, I could enjoy it forever.

Cosabella Odile Soft Bra and Lowrider Bikini

Cosabella makes impossibly comfortable innerwear.  The intimate label's Sweetie Soft Bra in gray has been my latest obsession, but the Odile bra and bikini in shell pink would be a Valentine's appropriate update.

The Chook Sparkling Shiraz

Sparkling shiraz is the first type of wine that I ever genuinely enjoyed.  I tried a sip of my parents' when I was in high school, but of course, haven't come across a bottle of the variation since.  All I remember is that it was sweet and tingly.  Hopefully I'll be gifted a bottle in the near future, as I'm not exactly old enough to buy it myself yet.

Giambattista Valli Metal Necklace

After season after season of pendant necklaces everywhere I turn, I'm about ready to retire the style completely.  This Valli choker is like a breath of fresh air.  It's the perfect statement piece, and a great alternative to bib necklaces, which I've never really liked anyway.

Dorothy Lane Market Chocolate Fix Basket

 Dorothy Lane's Killer Brownies are seriously one of the best sweet treats that I've ever had.  My dad has ordered them the past few years around Christmas, and they have become my one of my favorite things about the holidays.  This chocolate basket from the company features the famous Killer Brownies, plus chocolate bars, chocolate sauce, and hot chocolate mix.

Pottery Barn Faux Flowers

As much as I appreciate getting real flowers, these fake ones from Pottery Barn make a real case for themselves.  They come in a variety of types, and the branched style makes them stand out from the usual faux flower options.  Something that you can enjoy forever has to be better than something that just dies in a week, right?

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Aimee said...

I absolutely adore all of these choices! I've never had the wine you described - perhaps it's a bit like champagne? I've got a real big thing for champagne, mmm. My boyfriend and I are cooking dinner for V-day (yay for poor twenty-something year olds!) and I'm very much hoping he'll buy something good for the occasion, as I'm still counting down the months until I'm 21. I would love to have those Pottery Barn flowers, but I'll admit, I'd be a bit offended if my boy handed me fake flowers! I'm hoping for some real ones and perhaps I'll snag some fakes eventually to spruce up my bedroom. Great choices!

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