Sunny Winter


Last weekend here in Tennessee the temperatures were in the high 60s. The sun was shining,  birds were chirping, and everyone was outside. It was the perfect glimpse of what springtime is like in the small city where I attend college. The high is only 50 today, but the sun is shining and I think I can hear a bird somewhere outside, so that's enough for me to start preparing a dream wardrobe for a traditional southern late winter. 

What, our northern/western/foreign readers may ask, is a southern late winter? Well, it basically entails one or two sunny days with temperatures in the 70s followed by 30 degree, dismal snowy/rainy weather. You never really know what to expect from a southern late winter, so your wardrobe must be able to accommodate the warmest of warms and the coldest of colds all at once.

The collection up top is a perfect blend of winter warmths and colors along with some lighter summery pieces. While some of the pieces are a tish bit unrealistic (like the $2,000 Alexander McQueen clutch that I would most certainly be using as a camera case), it's always fun to plan for the things I will one day buy with my Vogue/J. Crew stylist/casting director salary.

Item information and image credit at my Polyvore

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