Jeremy Scott Fall 2011 RTW


Jeremy Scott stuck with the general 90's trend for fall, but took it in a completely different direction from grunge: 90's pop culture. While I love, love, LOVE grunge, I missed being old enough to dress myself in plaids and safety pins by only a few years. I did not, however, miss the period of the Spice Girls, Tomagotchi, Zenon Girl of the 21st Century, Powerpuff Girls, etc.. The late 90's semi-Japanese inspired semi-out-of-control style of dress was much more a part of my life than grunge ever was until it's recent resurgence. Maybe that's why Scott's Fall collection struck such a cord with me. 90's references in fashion have gotten so serious and dark, that it feels refreshing to see a fun, kitsch, sarcastic take on the trend. As a college student, I can still afford to Manic Panic my pigtails and wear hot pink leather (or pleather) pleated skirts for another year or two without looked absolutely out of my mind, so you can bet yourself that I'll be delving into the fun 90's asap.

If the clothes didn't do enough to convince me, this shot of Charlotte Free's hair and makeup definitely did:

(Images from and The Cut)

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