Tobacco Vanille & Dead Sexy


Tom Ford's Private Blend perfumes have been called unconventional by many, but I think that's what makes them so appealing.  I've also never been one for really "perfume-y" scents, so the collection is perfect for me.  I've smelled all of them, just out of curiosity (thanks, Neiman's sample counter), and Tobacco Vanille was by far one of my favorites.  It's described as including notes of tobacco leaf, tonka bean, vanilla, cocoa, a fruit accord, and sweet wood sap.  Whatever's in there, it's amazing.  However, my practical side just can't allow me to splurge on the scent.  Recently, though, I discovered Dead Sexy by Tokyo Milk, and it's definitely the next best thing.  The perfume also has a strong vanilla base, and includes ebony, exotic wood, and white orchid, but is more dry than Mr. Ford's version.  I think, anyways.  I'm not exactly a perfume expert.  At any rate, while both are good, at a tenth of the price, Tokyo Milk's scent is the one that I'm backing.

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