Spring 2011 Adverts


The other day the Cut ran a feature of all of the spring campaigns that have been released thus far.  These are just my favorites, for various reasons.  Dior because Karlie Kloss looks so grown up, and the background is perfect for the Honolulu themed collection without being overly obvious.  Prada because I'm just glad that they kept the hair and makeup exactly the same as the show; it goes perfectly with the clothes.  Bally because it's a step up from when they used to just shoot bags with a blue sky background, and I'm liking the crayon colors.  Gucci because, God, how fantastic was that collection?  The looks exemplify it perfectly.  Bottega Veneta because I have to appreciate the arthouse vibes.  Chloe because Iselin Steiro so adorable and smiley.  And Burberry because it adequately disguises how, ahem, not fantastic the collection was.  That is all.


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