No Horseplay

For every fashion-loving grown up(ish) woman out there who ever wanted a pony as a girl, I give you Moooi's Horse Lamp:

 So trendy...

This thoroughbred stands at 16 hands (about 7 feet) high, the size of a real horse and costs well over 3,000 euros. Nbd though; a real horse costs way more than that and those live ones eventually die anyway. Lamps are forever.

(Images from Moooi via You Might Like This)

PS, I know it's Couture week, but unlike multi-tasking pro Jax, I tend to malfunction when presented with real homework. You may not see a whole lot of me while I'm getting back into the swing of things, but I'll try.

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YourSista said...

Love it!!

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