The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Yes, this is all of the women in my family wearing matching pajamas on Christmas Eve from Eddie Bauer.

Anyway, a belated merry Christmas to everyone.  Christmas is probably my favorite holiday, not just for presents, but because of the many traditions that my family shares as well.  Although I was ill for the duration of it this year, Christmas was still as joyous and memorable as ever.  That being said, I did get some really great presents that I am oh so thankful for, which I thought that I would share with you all.  So here we go, starting top left and going clockwise.

A men's Field & Stream watch with a leather band, from a local antique shop (this isn't the exact one, but it was as close of a picture as I could find).  I love bulky watches and this one is just the ultimate; great for stacking with bracelets, etc., or wearing alone.

Velvet ballet flats from the Gap.  I, like Katie, have been pretty obsessed with incorporating ballet themed clothes into my daily wardrobe.  So, I was extremely pleased to have received these perfect, go-with-everything shoes from my little sister.  Mine aren't the above purple color, but are a navy blue, which I like much better.

Diamond studs set in white gold, from a local jewelry store whose name I can't remember.  I've been really into simple studs for a while now, and diamond studs are really a classic.  I don't own a lot of fine jewelry, so I'm so happy to add another piece to the tiny collection.  They're only .15 carets, but the guy at the store said that I can bring them in for an upgrade whenever I'd like.  See you soon, Valentine's Day...

BB Dakota trench.  I've been wanting to do the whole faux fur trend for a while, but haven't really found a full coat worth investing in.  This is the perfect way to buy into it without looking overly hipster.  Plus, the belt allows me something that none of my other outerwear seems to: a waist.  Thank you, Grandma.

Blow by Blow, by Detmar Blow and Tom Sykes.  I've been really fascinated with Isabella Blow since I first heard of her legacy (she is credited with discovering Alexander McQueen, Philip Treacy, and Hussein Chalayan, to name a few).  I'm only halfway through, and the biography quite tragic yet interesting.  I highly recommend it to fashion lovers.

MICHAEL Michael Kors leather jacket.  Many years have I longed for the perfect leather jacket, and it finally has been bestowed upon me.  I know that drapey and architectural outerwear is what's in right now, but this piece has the most wonderful, boxy silhouette that will render it a classic for years to come.  The material is supple and buttery, and I can't wait to layer it over everything, especially maxi dresses for the coming season.

Bumble & Bumble jumbo sized Seaweed Shampoo and mini conditioners.  As I've mentioned before, my hair is ultra thin and thus requires a cleansing wash and extra thin conditioner.  Basically, as little as possible to weigh it down, while still avoiding static electricity and brittle-ness.  Bumble & Bumble is much too expensive for me to splurge for on myself, which is why it is such a great gift for me.

The Naked Eye Palette from Urban Decay.  It seems to be sold out everywhere, but a certain family member still managed to get it for me.  The kit has just about every neutral eye shadow that I could ever want, and since all I wear are neutrals, it's pretty much perfect.

These are just a few of the fashion-relevant gifts that I received.  I also got some much needed, very cute kitchen supplies, always-welcome gift cards, and delicious chocolates.  This holiday season left me feeling more grateful and in as high of spirits as ever.  I hope that yours was the same, and that all this goodness follows us along into the new year!


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