Everybody Loves Proenza (Schouler)


Jason Wu claims to have been inspired by the Séeberger Brothers for his Pre-Fall 2011 collection, but I think that's not the truth. I think he was really inspired by Proenza Schouler.


Left: Proenza Schouler Spring RTW 2011
Right: Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2011

Sheer fabric, contrasting horizontal ruffles, sleeveless. This Wu really rang most true to Proenza Schouler. 
I feel like I would find a fast fashion Proenza copy like this at Forever 21, not from Jason Wu.

Left: Proenza Schouler Fall RTW 2010
Right: Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2011

So yeah, not an exact replica by any means, but it is a classic coat cropped in a really cool way. For some reason the second I saw this Jason Wu coat, I thought of the Proenza Fall 2010 opener. They've just got the same vibe.

Left: Proenza Schouler Resort 2010
Right: Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2011

Both bold-striped sweaters with mixed tones of greys, browns, and popping colors.

See, Jason Wu must clearly love Proenza Schouler enough to design (most of) an entire show around their past collections! Everybody loves Proenza Schouler. Especially me.

Fashion investigative work complete.


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