Like everyone else in the fashion world, I'm a huge fan of Freja Beha Erichsen. She's the reason I became interested in fashion five long years ago. She's the reason I (mistakenly) got blunt bangs when I was 16, and then again helped inspire me to chop off over a foot of hair the very next year. So basically, I'm obsessed.

While she's a beautiful model, she usually sticks to more edgy editorials, rarely doing something that is too traditionally "pretty". I thought that her Vogue UK cover was about as domestic as she was going to get...until I saw this:

She's doing Harry Winston ads? She's brightly smiling? She looks like a J. Crew model!?
I love it. Congrats on making yourself a household name, Freja.


(Images from stylefrizz and Fashion Gone Rogue)

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