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Katie and I had just been lamenting the lack of powerhouse collections for spring 2011 when I viewed Burberry's show, which completely solidified my opinion on the matter.  This is difficult for me to say after the epically amazing fall season that they had, on top of a strong resort presentation, but oh how the mighty have fallen.

Christopher Bailey is known for reworking classic themes from the original Thomas Burberry archives, and this time he chose the designs from England's first motorbikers as his inspiration.  But wait, didn't everyone do biker-chic in fall of 2009... three seasons ago?  The answer is yes, yes they did.  I feel like the idea could have faired a little better if given a more classic interpretation (some chunky boots would have been nice, and the two toned trench jacket was an okay idea...), but alas, it wasn't, and it did not.  Between the tiny shrunken jackets, sky high heels, dangerously short tiered dresses, and studded everything, the collection appeared incredibly dated.  Colored animal skins felt more tacky trash than English rose.  And short tunic tees over skin-tight leather leggings?  Come on.  It left me reminded of Balmain spring 2010, but in the worst way imaginable (and I liked that show the first time around).

I have to commend a designer who is willing to look past current trends to forge ahead with creativity; but while Bailey certainly ignored of-the-moment looks like minimalism and light neutrals, he didn't produce anything original or exciting.  Rather, we were given the same thing we saw all over the runways for the past two years.  Considering Burberry Prorsum is known for their style staples, such as the trench, you would have though that they would've taken the current feelings in fashion and ran with them, taking them to an entirely new level.  Or that's what I was hoping for, anyways.  All in all, it was just an incredible disappointment.

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