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Like many of the other Spring collections I've viewed so far this week, most of the looks at ADAM were light and airy; however, unlike many of the other Spring collections, the airiness of the show didn't translate so much as ethereal, but more as sunny and light. The show, which was apparently inspired by Charlotte Gainsbourg in Uruguay, translated to me as more of a California coolness; hippie-esque lightness with an edge. The show was sprinkled with sweet elements, like ruffles, chiffon, and elegant, feminine shapes. The fantastic high-waisted, flares (which I unfortunately neglected to feature), were the highlight of the collection for me, giving the looks a strong dose of 70's feel which was highly appreciated.

Boy Band of Outsiders
Despite the fact that Band of Outsiders showed their newest sector of the brand, Girl, at their show a few days ago, Boy Band of Outsiders once again stood out the most of all. While the show was a tish bit of a disappointment compared to the brand's hyper-cool past shows, it still had a good young, hipster vibe that spells out mass appeal. All in all, it was a good, but slightly predictable, show.

Cynthia Rowley
Cynthia Rowley's show was based on bubble-shaped cutouts. Cutouts at the thighs, near the breasts, cutouts everywhere. I initially thought that this would yield one of those fashion shows that is so conceptual yet basic that the clothes end up looking cheap. And that's how it felt at the beginning. Simple, circular cutouts scattered across skirts and blouses in obvious patterns that were quite plain. The collection really blossomed though when Rowley began laying tiny circle cutouts over prints, and then exploded when the cutouts made their way into light, airy fabrics. A great color palette of perfectly complimenting tones sealed the deal on the second half of this collection, which was where all of the big-hitters were located.


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