"It's all in the nose."


Ponystep is known for their innovative and cutting-edge online editorials, and their newest for a brief beauty article on the site continues this legacy.  When assigned to provide visuals for a story on their favorite scents, photographer Jenny van Sommers and set designer Rachel Thomas chose to shoot the actual perfume rather than just taking pictures of their respective bottles.  Starting from the top you see Wode by Boudicca, Chanel No. 5, Tar by Comme de Garcons, Balenciaga Paris, Cosmic by Solange Azagury Patridge, and L'eau Ambree by Prada.  Apparently, Wode actually appears as that cobalt blue when spritzed from the bottle, but it is unclear whether the other sprays' colors were manipulated.  Fun fact learned from this piece:  Every bottle of Cosmic (the picture with the stars) contains finely some ground meteorite, a.k.a. shooting stars.

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