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I hate, hate, hate when this happens.

There you are, happily browsing through a new blog that you love. Maybe you're a little bit obsessed and try to read through the entire archives in one sitting. So as you're reading through, you see it: the perfect ______. Fill in the blank there. The perfect thing could be a watch, a dress, a pair of shoes that looks identical to the $600 pair that you know you could never dream of affording. Ecstatic with your intense find, you click on the link that will surely lead you to your best purchase of the year. And then, as quickly as the joy surged through your heart at finding the item, it pours out again when, with much dismay, you discover that the item is sold out. What!?, you may ask yourself, there's no possible way! But then, as you click back over to the blog where you located this unattainable gem, you may realize that the article may have been written in April of last year, or something.

Much to my chagrin, I experience this painful process about 4 times a day every day. Yes, sure, it probably saves me from blowing all my money on ten thousand "perfect" things. But still, the fact remains that this sensation is one of the worst.

why, why, WHY are you so perfect?!



(image from Cup of Jo)

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