Crystal Clear.


I'm ready to shout it from the mountaintops, to jump on the bandwagon, to openly embrace my love for Crystal Renn.

Maybe it's the whole "bigger is better" trend that's treading its way through fashion right now, but Crystal Renn seems to be everywhere lately. Having hopped back over from the plus-sized runway to the world of size 2 to do work for prestigious brands like Chanel and Jean Paul Gautier, Crystal has become the face of the voluptuousness that's taking the fashion world by storm. 

I won't lie, I wasn't a big fan at first. I'll admit now, though, that I clearly judged too quickly. The more I see of Crystal Renn, the more I want to see. The moment I realized the error of my judgmental ways was when I saw this V Magazine editorial of Crystal Renn juxtaposing tiny little Jaquelyn Jablonski in the very same outfits. In many, if not all, of the shots, Crystal's out of this world dynamism makes Jaquelyn, who is a great editorial model, almost look dead and empty. 

I've been following the drama surrounding Crystal's Fashion for Passion photoshopping fiasco on The Cut, and noticed this video (which for some reason will not post on the site) of Renn on the Today Show earlier. After viewing it, I love Crystal Renn even more. She's so well-spoken, so intelligent, and so clearly in touch with the realities of health and the human body which are often thrown out the window by those in the fashion industry. I hope more than anything that when this bodacious trend dies down (which, like every other trend, it will), Crystal Renn will be here to stay.


(Images from tumblr & Fashion Gone Rogue)

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olivia rae said...

I completely agree - I didn't really have a strong opinion about her, but I also saw that interview and was beyond impressed. So poised and beautiful!

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