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Net-A-Porter via FashionGoneRogue

So I stumbled upon these gorgeous earrings over at Fashion Gone Rogue today and have fallen deeply and madly in love. What an addition these gems (pun) would make to my life! All of my hopes and dreams would be fulfilled. I would look stately and queen-like all day every day. Who cares if gold and diamonds (well, crystals, if I'm being honest) don't go with each and every item in my closet; they would be worn with all of my clothes for at least 3 weeks straight. I would make these beauties mine, if only I could justify spending $58.00 on a pair of earrings. Until the day that I happily find $60.00 laying on the floor outside Juicy Couture, which is where these earrings are from, I guess I'll just envy the paper white mannequin who happily dons this stately, stunning, perfect pair.

Mannequin, I hate you.


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chelsea rebecca said...

those are freaking incredible.
i don't think i have a single pair of earrings as magnificent as those!
if you get the general store job you should reward yourself!!!

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