katie...a proper introduction.

because we were both finally in town at the same time, jax and i spent a few hours catching up and talking about les deux yesterday evening and made a few decisions. first is that rather than continue entitling our posts as what we like and dislike, we're going to make them a little more creative. if anything in the future is entitled as what we like or dislike, you'll know that we really feel extreme like or dislike for it.

another decision we made is that over the summer we're going to be adding a lot of new components to the blog since we'll have more time to focus/refine it and since we'll literally be a minute's walk away from one another. so far we've brainstormed up a few fun ideas, and while i'd love to share, i think they'll be a surprise.

the last decision we made was that we need to make les deux a little more personal. yeah, sure you can get onto our site and read all about how we feel about chanel's latest collection or some new store we discovered; but there's a big difference in reading about a $10,000 dior gown that we like and seeing how we try to interpret that gown in our daily lives. while neither of us (at the moment) have a suitable camera, my younger sister just so happens to have one that's pretty nice and i employed her this weekend to help take some shots of me so that i can give you readers a proper introduction to my style.

and some of my favorite things:

1. wearing this great urban outfitters scarf as a headband.

2. new forever21 sandals and mink muffs essie nail polish.

wearing today: j.crew tunic, forever21 bodycon skirt, forever21 sandals, urban outfitters scarf as headband, charm necklace from local nashville shop pangea

please excuse the: a) slightly cluttered bedroom, 2) unprofessional-looking shots. hopefully this gives a pretty good first representation of my style. hopefully jax and i can continue to keep up these sort of posts.


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