katie likes...world market.

rather than spend an entire day sitting at home watching lost (my new obsession; don't give anything away cause i'm only on season three), i decided to get out and do some shopping around, despite the fact that i have NO money. so where do you go when you just want to browse?

world market.

i'm telling you, i could have stayed in the store for hours. it's such a great place! they have incredible decorations and also, food. i was tempted to tell the cashier to just ring up everything in the store for me, but instead i painfully perused the store with the knowledge that i could only purchase a few little trinkets. i did end up leaving with 2 hanging cloth/bell decorations that i've hung up on my window and a few belated birthday treats for a friend, but there were so many other great things.

since i can't personally lead all of you through the store pointing out what i love (aka, everything) here are a few pictures i found on world market's website of things i saw in the store that i will sell my soul for:

all images from worldmarket.com

i told myself that i needed one of these tiny dressers for holding things like thumbtacks or stud earrings, but finally logic took hold and told me that i did not have 30 dollars in the budget for tiny, thumbtack drawers.

so, yeah, i already have a whopping 8 pillows on my bed, but once you've gotten to that number, what harm is it to throw one more super cute one on with the others?

i've determined that wall decorations and mirrors are the biggest reason i wish i had more wall space in my dorm.

while this is a little less...ethnic than my other choices, i figured it would be the perfect key ring for myself and my three roommates next year.

as i contemplated purchasing a few of these, i chipped one (sorry world market, that was me) and sadly had to hurry away before i could pick out just the right ones.

so there you have it. these are a few of my favorite things. i have a feeling i'll be taking quite a few saturday excursions to world market from now on, so i'll keep you updated (whether you like it or not) on what i find.


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