katie likes...jessica alba.

no matter how many of my friends say that they don't like her at all, i can't seem to jump on that dislike-bandwagon. not only is she gorgeous, her personal style is great; and not only that, it's fairly realistic, something that seems to be dying out thanks to lady gaga the like. inspired by jax's great olsen denim find on people stylewatch, i went through a few pictures of alba's and found some great looks i thought i'd share.

all photos from people.com

and as much as i hate the i-forgot-my-pants-today look (sorry leggings lovers), i have to admit that this is a pretty good look as well...

...i would totally wear it with jeans instead though.

hopefully i'm not the only person in the world who likes her. please don't burn me at the stake with your words if you don't feel the same as me!


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Fashion Chalet said...

Girl does have a wicked sense of style <3

Great blog!

I love the post :)


chelsea rebecca said...

i don't like her..
but i didn't realize how much i love her style!
the navy striped dress with the scarf! LOVE!

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