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just a few years ago if someone had mentioned "dries van noten," "balenciaga," or "lanvin," to me, i would have been completely lost and confused. at this un-enlightened point in my life, i for some reason felt that i knew about fashion because i watched america's next top model like my life depended on it. i shamefully admit this now, because for anyone who knows anything about modeling in the real world of fashion, it is evident that this show has no real place in it (other than the fact that andre leon talley is going to be a judge this season and look for a "vogue-worthy" winner, but that's beside the point).

anyway, if any modeling-savvy has watched the show at all, they would get a real good kick out of the shoots, watching most of the girls just imitate what they think models do and making huge fools of themselves. you don't expect to be flipping through vogue or harper's any old day and see any of these ridiculous pictures in spreads, because nobody wants to see models like this.

i'll get to my point now, don't worry.
while looking at fashion gone rogue, i was deeply reminded of those "models" on antm whose badly-imitated poses got them kicked off the show by this spread featuring none other than dree hemingway, a model who apparently does not deserve the past praise i have given her.
don't believe me? take a look:

vogue russia via fashion gone rogue

sure, tell me all you want that "it's artsy," or that "it's meant to be ironic," but i could care less. she looks stupid. on top of the fact that her poses seem far-too-forced and that her face seems far-too-zombie-esque, she just looks dumb.

i'm tempted to go on a tangent about how i feel about irony in fashion, but i'll spare you and save it for the next time i see a really horrid spread.


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