katie dislikes...animal cruelty.

i want to start off this post by saying that i am not one of those crazies that stands up on a soap box every time there's a slight issue that offends me. in fact, unless i'm being sarcastic, i'm quite a passive person. however, the issue of animal cruelty has always really bothered me. i'm not opposed to man using animals in an efficient manner (example: native americans hunting the buffalo for meat, clothing, dish ware, etc.), but i am really bothered when humans abuse our sense of logic to exploit animals in a cruel way.

the other night, i watched the new discovery channel show life (yes, i am a discovery channel/history channel/science channel/animal planet nerd), and the second episode focused on reptiles and amphibians, opening the show by saying that, despite the fact that these groups of species are difficult for humans to comprehend or feel compassion for, they are animals too, just like the prettiest butterfly or the fluffiest bunny rabbit (i added that part in myself). after spending an hour of my life learning (or trying to learn) to love reptiles, seeing this video really made me feel for them. while i won't by any means claim that i don't own any animal skins or hides (mostly leather on shoes and belts), this video has definitely pushed me to stop buying animal skin as clothing all together.

if you're squeemish, don't watch:

video from proletkult

i don't want to force my opinions on others, so if you still want to buy snakeskin bags, be my guest. i just hope i can help knock some sense into at least a few people out there.

okay, getting off the soap box now.


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