katie likes...ps i made this.

while looking at one of my favorite blogs, who what wear, i saw this great diy project for recreating some of the clothes from the really great proenza schouler collection. i learned that this was not a project thought up by www, but a great project from this blog called ps i made this. it's the greatest thing! this woman (erica domesek) makes clothes, accessories, and decorations galore. i've never really been super creative when it comes to making things, but this website makes any kind of diy seem possible.

here's the article that www did based on the article done by ms. domesek:


i definitely recommend giving ps i made this a look next time you're feeling creative.


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Vinda Sonata said...

nice inspiration, Katie. thank you for sharing. tie-dye anything is so "right now" and downright cool. i may try to make one someday :)

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