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after viewing quite a few shows featuring the sisters, i finally figured out that ann and tura (formally kirby) kenny are, in fact, twins.  i initially noticed tura and made a mental note of the name, but was thrown when i saw a similar looking girl named kirby.  to add to that confusion, i then saw the name ann kenny and was forced to do some research.  straight out of new jersey, both girls are signed with dna. the above shown are their fw 10 show cards.  i have to say i'm partial to tura; she's got an absolutely penetrating gaze and i love dirty blond hair.  plus, i did notice her first.  in any case, talk about sibling rivalry.

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STEFANIE said...

they both look gorgeous!

Walk The Sand said...

Beautiful. I agree, I'm drawn to Tura more. Her stare is piercing.

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