jax gives...elie tahari, D


something about this collection seemed really off upon first viewing it.  i immediately noticed that it completely lacked any sort of flow whatsoever.  the first half of the show was entirely all black, then ugly orange and brown shit was introduced.  basically, mr. tahari seems to have been torn between doing the (overly done) tough city chic and a kind of high-end australian outback theme, but since he couldn't decide he just did both.  aside from hating the color palate, a lot the looks seemed cluttered.  it was like he was trying to do intense layering with some draping and random fringe pieces?  whatever tahari's aim was, it just wasn't working.  there were a couple of looks that weren't overdone, such as the black silk jumpsuit with a tie at the waist, that i really could have enjoyed on their own.  unfortunately, the collection as a whole was a total dud.

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