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i honestly don't know a lot about the history of basso & brooke, nor do i care to do any research on them right now.  i can't remember any of their previous collections, which either means that the clothes were just that forgettable or i haven't ever viewed one (likely the latter).  either way, i really liked their fall collection which just showed in london.  i'm really into mixing patterns lately, and while it can be tricky sometimes, mr. brooke and mr. basso pulled it off with ease.  the prevalence of warm earth tones will be perfect for fall and winter, and it's refreshing to see collections using color for the season rather than just black.  the prints look like they were influenced by eastern europe, or possibly russia.  i hate to admit, i'm not very good at knowing my textile origins.  anyway, the designers apparently used a new fabric treatment to gives the clothes a "high-gloss aqua finish."  the classic silhouettes helped to counter balance the outlandish patterns, which kept the looks from being too overwhelming.  i kind of wish that the background of the show had been more plain, but other than that i have no major qualms.  overall, the collection sort of reminded me of alexander mcqueen's spring 2010 collection, which could never be a bad thing.

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