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let's be real here: models are scary enough as it is.  anyone even vaguely familiar with the fashion industry knows of the controversy surrounded how skinny runway models have gotten.  and now, when we are arguably at the pinnacle of this debate over what-is-too-thin, ann-sofie back let some moron who is obviously clueless of the issue, do the casting for her show.  i'm not saying these girls are necessarily any smaller than girls from other shows, but really, why did they choose to put a girl with protruding ribs in a torn up dress, and the girl with her hipbones jutting out in low-rise jeans and a crop top?  were there no other girls who could have worn these looks?  not to mention the slicked back, greasy hair, and whatever they did with the makeup (add dark circles?  or maybe those are natural) makes the girls look even more ill.  i'm fully aware that clothing looks better on those who are thin, but i honestly couldn't even focus on the clothes when viewing this collection.  the models look so horrifically underfed and unhealthy that the only things on my mind were how disgusted i felt and very much i wanted to feed these girls sandwiches.  if anything they are a complete and total distraction from the looks; ann-sofie back must be absolutely insane to let them walk in her show.  oh wait...

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