katie likes...tavi's explanation of fashion.

in the 2 or 3 years during which my love for fashion has become a big part of my life, i've dealt with a lot of skepticism about this particular field of interest. being that i live in tennessee, it's perfectly natural and expected that lots of the people (and by people, i mean some females, but mostly males) in my life may not be able to grasp something that isn't often seen or accepted in this environment. because of this, i've often struggled with the attempt to break down what the fashion world is really all about, to explain why some collections "look so dumb" and others "show way too much skin." even though i've been questioned time after time, i'm usually left rambling on and on to a still-fashion-skeptic who finally declares, "i'll just never get it."

it's the most depressing thing. people get art, people get weird movies; i've always wondered how i could get people to understand fashion in that same way.

if you don't know tavi of style rookie (how could you not?), now's the time to get to know her. she's a 13-year old girl who is absolutely brilliant. her latest post (the link is above) is a response to a ms. tanya gold, a writer for the uk publication, the guardian. ms. gold wrote an article entitled "why i hate fashion," which essentially sums up all of the arguments that my friends and acquaintances have ever made against fashion.

tavi, the incredible writer that she is, answers each argument made by ms. gold in very professional manner, detailing exactly why fashion is not the evil demon that so many make it out to be. she puts to words everything i have ever felt about fashion, and for that, i owe her the biggest thanks.

thank you, tavi.


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chelsea rebecca said...

i love tavi and her so out of the box fashion! and the fact that she is wearing this to her school! incredible.

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