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my favorite blogs have always been fashion blogs, but over the past summer, i had a lot of time on my hands that i spent learning to bake sweet treats. after only a few weeks, i had amassed a bookmark file for baking blogs that rivals the size of my fashion blog file; it's a bit ridiculous. anyway, while scouring the internet for more website about baking, i stumbled upon luxirare: the ultimate blog.

not only does this blogger make some of the most intense recipes i've ever heard of ("pie pops," black truffle ice cream, and health bar crayons are only a small selection of some of her recipes), she has a fierce sense of style. example?

and not only is her wardrobe beautiful, a lot of it is handmade. that dress above? handmade! in her latest post, she makes herself a pair of staggering 7.5 inch tall suede, platform, wedges.

crazy right?

i definitely recommend checking out her beyond amazing/inspirational blog. even if you don't like cooking, her photography of the process is crystal clear and absolutely stunning. also, if you click the picture of the greyscale eye to the right of the page, it'll take you to her image feed blog, which reminds me of jane aldridge's alternative blog (they don't call them lovers in high school, leeland)

definitely check it out!


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