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i recently browsed through a copy of one of my favorite sources of inspiration, vogue living, which highlights homes and gardens of the utmost elite, some of which are karl lagerfeld, sophia copolla, etc. while the colors, patterns, shapes, and themes of each home differ greatly, from modern, to romantic, to mediterranean, each home had one clear and evident quality which gave each home the few honorable pages in the pages of this large book:


whether it was velvet, brocade walls & a multi-million dollar chandelier of an opulent french home or simply a beautifully painted accent wall that highlights the very antique bathtub of a house with a clear vintage influence, each home was so well put together that, no matter how grandoise or plain it seemed upon first sight, it felt luxurious.

because, in college, i've finally been given a living space of "my own," (my own bedroom and a shared bathroom, kitchen, and living room) i've become greatly interested in interior design, and this fascination with the interior has given me a lot of fashion inspiration as well. i've looked up a few great and, in my opinion, luxurious (or almost-luxurious) interior and exterior setups that can be either a pretty picture or quite a fashion muse, all depending on how you look at it.


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