katie likes...chanel spring 2010 couture

there will be no pictures of this collection yet because, while i adore vogue paris' website for having all of the couture pictures posted before anyone else, i much rather enjoy style.com's photos of the shows.

nonetheless, i felt i had to quickly write a review of the beautiful collection before all of these thoughts just floated out of my head and into space.

it was like an army of robot, princess dolls (that had just the slightest asian influence crossed over from chanel's pre-fall collection) covered in all kinds of sequin, satin, or silver available. at the first sight of freja beha's clonky, balenciaga-esque, silver heels, i thought this was going to be a rather unheard of futuristic collection for chanel; this thought was completely abandoned though, when the clothes clearly harkened to a certain level of elegance that could only have come from the past. while the omnipresent tweed suits presented at the beginning of the show, as usual, did not really appeal to me, they were still just as elegant as the overly-embellished suits, dresses, and gowns that followed. this is chanel at its highest level of opulence.

be on the lookout; i'll post some of my favorite slides from the show as soon as style.com posts them.


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