jax likes...native american influence

native american influence is is becoming a widespread trend lately.  my mom wanted a throw/rug for our bonus room area.  the room has wooden floors and wood paneled walls, a fireplace in the middle with a gray stone hearth, and more gray stone surrounding the fireplace and climbing up the wall.  i thought this would be a great place to incorporate a touch of native american culture, so i did a little searching and found this:

it's only $550 for a 60" x 95" rug, which if you don't know your rug pricing, is a pretty good deal.  it's supposedly authentic, but even if it's not it doesn't make much difference to me.  i ended up finding it at www.navajoblanketsindianbaskets.com, haha.  my mom wanted to keep the color toned down, but there are some other pretty cool ones with awesome colors out there if you're ever in the market for some new floorware.

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