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half of the reason i'm making this post is so katie can see my new hair.  after much debate over whether to cancel my hair appointment, i ended up chopping off over a foot of my hair in order to donate to locks of love.  i actually didn't dye it or anything, just the coloring in the first picture is weird.  i've worn it long since at least seventh grade and my new cut is definitely taking some getting used to; it's even shorter in the back.  i'll make this quick since it was just a little something i wanted to share.

immediately after having it cut i kind of wanted to cry.  i really hated my hair; even though tony did cut and style it perfectly, i just didn't feel like a youthful girl anymore.  all i thought of when i looked in the mirror was kate gosslin or my former chubby seven year-old self.  i told my boyfriend that i didn't want to see him because i looked like a boy and went straight home to eat ben and jerrys.

but thankfully, when i woke up the next day i was able to think with much more clarity.  i felt awful for being so self-centered and vain.  the majority of the reason i cut it was to give it to a child in need but for some reason i had made everything all about myself.  upon stepping back from the situation i feel thankful for the hair that i have and am able to grow myself.  also, who did i feel the need to impress?  i'm trying to take on a more kelly cutrone outlook on my looks.  i mean, okay, i'm not going to totally stop wearing makeup all the time or anything, but i'm going to stop trying to fix my looks for other people.  i think an important part of growing up is being self-assured enough to do just that.

anyways the real point is that locks of love does a lot of great work making hair pieces for girls who for whatever reason are not able to grow their own hair.  i would never hold anything against a girl who wants to keep her long locks, but for anyone who's interested or is cutting her hair off anyways, you can learn about donating here.

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