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it's good enough as far as a couture collection; but the concept behind it is what makes it special.  ms. ann valerie hash has based this season's couture show on memories and clothing identity.  apparently, she mailed out letters to people she respected asking them to send her pieces of clothing for her to rework.  the first she received was a pair of pajamas from alber ebaz, and after that, admissions came pouring in.  she ended up getting tilda swinton's vivienne westwood tshirt, jean paul gaultier's brenton shirt, charlotte rampling's spencer, a veil from diane pernet, a chanel jacket from daphne guinness, and pete doherty's drummer boy jacket.  she took these articles and from them fashioned an entire collection based around fashioning them as a part of the looks.  as hash explained, "i can't do couture like chanel or dior.  of course not.  but i [did] want to experiment in a different way."

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