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upon reading that giorgio armani had drawn inspiration from the moon, i thought of all the chic and elegant luminescent possibilities for his spring 2010 couture collection.  but why did he has to include actual crescents on the pieces?  i loved all of the lunar references; the subtle curves, pallid colors, and little ridges in the fabric meant to imitate the craters of the mooon were splendid.  but the fixture of actual moon models as jacket fasteners, broaches, and necklaces just made the theme a little too literal for my taste.

all images via style.com

granted, not all the looks included these little slivers.  in fact, i really did think that mr. armani did a nice job; the theme rang true throughout and it flowed very well.  this is something i can really appreciate in a show, because many designers lack the understanding that every collection needs to have a certain amount of cohesiveness.

as a side note, can we briefly discuss this dress?

the shape itself is fine enough, the color was fitting for the show, and the detailing is actually pretty spectacular.  it looks like some sort of awesome couture bubble wrap when viewed in a detailed shot, and i wish i knew what it was made of.  but what i have to take issue with is the lining.  you would think with a dress where the inside would so obviously be showing, another form of material would be used.  but for some reason, which i suppose was intentional in the design, they used this "plastic" (which is my boyfriend's guess as to what it was).  and i'll just go ahead and say it, it looks damn cheap.  my guess is that mr. armani so valued the exact shape of the dress that he didn't want to weigh it down with excessive layering underneath, but surely he could have picked something a little more visually pleasing. instead, he ended up with something that looks like it came from a costume shop.

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