jax dislikes...high waisted bikinis


i like my high-waisted skirts, shorts, etc. as much as the next girl, but really?  i've seen some of these styled bikinis in the past, but now it seems like they're proliferating.

when it comes to swim suits i've always been a less is more kind of girl (we're only young once, right?), but i would never judge a girl who wants to be a little more conservative poolside.  i'm all for one pieces, tankinis, monokinis, swim skirts, and coverups, but i just can't buy into this whole super high rise nonsense.  i'm well aware that they're supposed to be trendy, but all i think when i look at these swim suits is my grandmother.  generally everyone wants to look their best out in the sun, but i no matter their body shape, i don't think these styles would look flattering on anyone.  i get that it's all about fashion and being retro and whatever, but are girls actually buying these?

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