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if you read my last post, you'll know how much i adore the winter (or more the idea of winter, but you get the picture). i have got all my scarves and gloves, hats and coats, boots and knee-socks completely stocked up for this year. and did i mention sweaters? because i definitely went sweater crazy this year and bought like 8 all in a week.

for me, the visible beginning of a new season is like a drug. a drug that makes me freak out and over-indulge in all of the necessities and supplies for that season. seeing as i already had a fit about sweaters and that i practically have an army of coats, i'm needing to expand my winter accessory list. so what is my dream winter list??? this:

first, i want to start off by saying that i'm not into real fur. i was never really opposed, until recently i started thinking that it's kind of mean to raise an animal just so you can essentially scalp their entire body. how would you feel if someone cut off your skin and left you to die? so to get back to my winter list, this is a really great hat and it's faux fur. it looks like it would feel so real! i love the russian influence here. also, it's fun and unlike the hats other college-aged girls are going to be wearing around campus in january.

albertus swanepoel - net-a-porter - $300

and for those rainy, winter days when it didn't quite get cold enough to snow (essentially every winter day where dylan and i live), when i don't want to get my aforementioned perfect hat wet, i'll wear something a little more fun.

maison michel - net-a-porter - $95

lately, however, hats have been failing me. as someone with thick hair, when i wear it up, a hat just won't work. but a cute little ear-warming headband will!

triple strand headband - anthropologie - $32

i think that anthropologie makes some of the best scarves (going by how they look and how warm they are) by far. this is why, when looking for some great scarves, i had to decide on a tie between two different ones:

this great, marled one that just makes your whole body feel warm like a steaming cup of hot tea..

featherbed scarf - anthropologie - $40

and this super cool, dangly, artsy, all-over-the-place, gypsy-esque one. isn't it great? imagine the bell tower waking you up 7 minutes til your macroeconomics exam and needing to quickly throw on something that vaguely resembles an outfit so that you can literally run 2 blocks to your class (not like this has EVER happened to me...). jeans, a sweater, some brown riding boots, and this baby. perfecto, no?

folklore scarf - anthropologie - $188

but if i knew how to knit (i'm dying to learn how), i'd definitely pick up one of these babies from net-a-porter: wool and the gang DIY scarves! cute, no? and a fun little craft. it goes from being a few little balls of yarn to that great looking peruvian scarf below!
wool and the gang - net-a-porter - $150

of course, scarves and hats aren't going to keep my little hands warm! so i've found some great, comfy-looking gloves to accompany my dream winter wear.

xtra long cable knit gloves - fredflare - $30

or for the constant texters like myself, for gloves you can actually use with your phone, go to walmart or walgreens and purchase some cheap $1.00 gloves and just snip off the finger tips. but this is my dream list, so obviously, i cannot feature those with a picture...
back to the list,
everyone needs some great boots that can get you through the snow/slush/ice/rain that pours and pours throughout the winter months! the obvious choice? hunter wellies.

hunter wellinton boots - orvis - $80 (without the liners)

now that we've got my outdoor winter wish list covered, it would practically be a sin to forget about what i'd want to be wearing inside on a cold, christmas evening while i watch a movie and sip on some hot chocolate.

first, and most essential, the perfect onesie. while this one from j. crew is a little more expensive than the simple black one you can get from american apparel, it's so, so much more festive.

classic union suit -  j.crew - $69.50

and who can forget your feet? while wear dingy old socks or worn out house shoes when you can be wearing these cute little flats/slippers?

wool toe cap ballet slippers - j.crew - $54

long list, i know. hopefully i haven't worn any readers out or scared any away. as i said, the changing of seasons is like my drug. i hope that all of you get as stocked up for winter as you wish!

and before you run away from your computer, check out this blog, i'image quotidienne. it's this really cool concept by mercedes mcandrew. she made it her goal to take a portrait of a different person every single day for a year. she does a mini-bio of each person at the bottom of their pictures too. it's definitely a super fun way to waste some time and catch a glimpse at the lives of a few random people from all over the place.


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