katie likes...winter skin.

while it isn't technically winter yet, i've totally already begun to embrace the idea of cold weather, chilly winds, and snow (despite the fact that where dylan and i reside, we won't be getting any of that until at least january).
i love almost everything about the winter. i love christmas, i love snow, i love the way that it gets dark early, and i love, most of all, winter skin.

don't get me wrong, this is not to say that i don't appreciate a good sunkissed glow, but i feel that unless you happen to be naturally dark-skinned or live year-round in the Bahamas, your skin color should match the season.

so i've made a little compilation of some beautiful ladies who, to me, exemplify the beauty of winter skin:

amy adams

anne hathaway

evan rachel wood

zooey deschanel

nicole kidman

all gorgeous, no? i think that having beautiful, fair skin can be such an asset.

so, no offense mrs. aguilera, but to all of you ladies (and men) who usually end up looking like this in the winter:

maybe it's time to take a break from the tanning beds a sprays this winter and look like human rather than an orange at christmas/hannukah/kwanzaa/winter dinner with the fam.


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Anonymous said...

you know i'm totally your only reader, ha.

WhtieJungle said...

Not anymore! Love it

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