katie likes...fall fruits.

so it's clearly becoming fall down here in the south, and when i feel fall winds, see red leaves, and break out my cheap (but wonderful) target peacoat, i know it's time for fall foods. fruits in particular.

i absolutely adore baking. i recently got into it this summer, and since my dorm just so happens to be equipped with a kitchen and working stove, my interest in baking has soared this year. it's my first fall as a kind-of-experienced baker, so i've been really excited to try out some fall recipes. my favorite fall fruits are definitely pumpkins (yes, they are fruits), apples, and cranberries. in lieu of making the ever so predictable pumpkin pie, apple pie, and cranberry sauce, i've decided to spice up these fall staples.
and maybe you should too:

apple & brie bites - confessions of a city eater

black bottomed mini caramel pumpkin cheesecake bites - picky palate

chewy chocolate chip & cranberry oatmeal cookies - obsessed with baking

apple cake - smitten kitchen

pumpkin pie bars - joy the baker

cranberry pecan cupcakes with maple pecan frosting - annie's eats

golden apple triangles - the wednesday chef

cranberry bliss bars - vanilla sugar

& finally...

pumpkin cookies with butterscotch chips - joy the baker

i actually made these pumpkin cookies, and let me tell you, they were really good. they are a lot more cake-like than cookie-like, so i just told my friends that i'd made muffin tops.  i did change the recipe a little though by adding dark chocolate chips in along with the butterscotch (i love dark chocolate, how could i resist?)
if you do happen to make these and any remain long enough cool off, later you can pop them into a toaster on the lowest setting for a minute, and they heat up for a really nice treat.

hope you've enjoyed my baking suggestions. i'll update you on the recipes if i make anymore of them anytime soon.


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