dylan likes...eclecticism

getting an apartment will be the best thing that's ever happened.
my dream of having what i have dubbed "the wall" will finally be realized.
this wall will have an uncensored array of very different, but somehow complimenting, pieces of decor.

eclecticism: deriving ideas, styles, and taste from a variety of sources.

good because this gives you an opportunity to express every facet of your unique (or mainstream) taste, while occupying a wall in a creative way, in lieu of painting or wall spreads.

ideas for making "the wall" more than a 2d spread of torn out magazine pages.

 1                                       2                                        3

 4                                       5                                        6

1. use pictures of yourself, your friends, your work, or leave them blank, with a solid color or patterned fabric or whatever
2. these flowers have an oriental feel and add to the eclecticism
3. a basket makes your wall less flat, and functional. use for mail, or keys, or whatever you like
4. an interesting mirror also ads dimension to the wall. don't over do the mirrors tho, unless it's your theme
5&6. interesting hooks can perform the same function as a basket: dimension and function.

i wouldn't buy all these items, as they are from urban outfitters and together would cost $226, and you would need a good deal more to successfully build your wall.

my advice: take these ideas to a thrift store and have a good time.

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